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DCI and ACPF planned, organised and carrier out  a conference which was practical and action-oriented. The aim was to translate the knowledge and conclusions generated from this conference into concrete actions and documents which can direct future programmatic interventions, and be used for advocacy purposes as well as for the training of the judiciary and law enforcement officials, civil society as well as community based organisations.

The concrete outputs of the conference will include:

a) Guidelines for Child-friendly Justice in Africa

In order to translate good practices from other regions and to set a pace for the implementation of reforms in the child justice systems in Africa, DCI and ACPF together with other experts in the conference worked on the development of guidelines for child-friendly justice in Africa. This was aimed at contributing to improved treatment of the children in all circumstances, brought into contact with civil, administrative or criminal justice. These guidelines are also aimed at supporting African States in protecting children’s rights at all stages of judicial and extrajudicial procedures and promote the rights of information, representation and participation of children.

b) Report on Good Practices

Papers presented at the conference on themes highlighting good practices will be compiled into a solid report which will be shared for purposes of learning and linking in the field of juvenile justice.

c) Kampala Declaration

Findings, results, recommendations and actions proposed by the Conference  were issued in the form of a Declaration.  A working group selected at the conference developed the” Kampala Declaration”. The Declaration layed out a series of commitments and proposed actions to implement the recommendations. DCI and ACPF called for all conference participants to endorse this declaration on behalf of their own organisations and agencies. 

d) Follow-up programme to the conference

DCI, ACPF and other partners will promote the Kampala Declaration along with the Guidelines for Child- friendly Justice in Africa for their adoption by the African Committee on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and the African Union.  They will also ensure the development of a regional programme to support African states to implement the guidelines.

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